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Xerum 510

Xerum 510

  • description


    Thanks to its Y-axis in 45 degree architecture, the Xerum manages the balancing act between compact design and solid rigidity. The main and counter spindles with their 8" and 6" chucks, in combination with the Y-axis and the 12-position turret, make this machine a true turn-mill multi-talent. With extensive options, it can be adapted exactly to your machine park according to your needs.

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ Hydraulic chuck
    ✔ 12-station high-performance turret
    ✔ work lamp
    ✔ 3-color status light
    ✔ Automatic
    Central lubrication system
    ✔ Coolant system
    ✔ Fully closed protection
    ✔ Hydraulic system
    ✔ Air-conditioned control cabinet

  • Optional accessories

    ■ Hydraulic collet
    ■ Chip conveyor with trolley
    ■ Tool holder
    ■ Oil mist separator
    ■ Oil-water separator
    ■ Parts catcher
    ■ Automatic bar feed
    ■ Automatic tool setter

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