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VRG 600/800

VRG 600/800

  • description

    The design of KAAST machines has always been known to place high demands on machine rigidity and structural strength.

    To push the limits of grinding long, deep holes in vertical grinders, the structure was designed with a large, fixed column with carriages, allowing the machine to grind a depth of 550mm.

    As for the drive unit, we use the highest level of accuracy, including 6 rows of ball bearing linear guides and Class-C1 ball screw from NSK/Japan.

  • standard equipment

    ✔ Mitsubishi control (M80)

    ✔ T1 plunge grinding wheel + 6" flange

    ✔ T2 angle grinding wheel + 6" wheel flange

    ✔ T3 Internal standard wheel without spindle + quill

    ✔ Automatic grinding wheel speed change (15 levels)

    ✔ Infinitely adjustable working head with servo motor MT4

    ✔ X-axis Heidenhain linear scale (resolution 0.05um)

    ✔ B-axis rotary indexing table -30~+210 degrees

    ✔ Diamond dresser and stand

    ✔ Grinding wheel puller

    ✔ Standard coolant tank 140L

    ✔ Carbide tip MT4/C14

    ✔ LED work light

    ✔ Operating instructions and parts list

    ✔ Standard oil cooler (cooling fan)

    ✔ Tools and Toolbox

    ✔ Electric cabinet with heat exchanger

    ✔ Balancing Mandrel & Stand

    ✔ 4 color signal light

    ✔ Operating Instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ▶Mitsubishi control (M80) iGrind program

    ▶Permanent magnetic lathe chuck 600mm

    ▶(Include 8 custom magnets)

    ▶Coolant system with magnetic separator 120L/min

    ▶Coolant device with paper filter 120L/min

    ▶Oil skimmer (oil and water separator)

    ▶Coolant system with air conditioning unit

    ▶HSK-A100 grinding wheel spindle

    ▶Oil mist separator (LOSMA)

    ▶Dressing device for diamond rollers

    ▶Filstar Japan high-performance filter system

    ▶Power sensor for the crash control system (power indicator)

    ▶Renishaw LP" tool presetter and measuring device (with measuring block)

    ▶Grinding wheel spindle for deep hole grinding

    ▶Z-axis with closed-loop Mitsubishi precision linear scale (Mitsubishi 0.05μm)

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