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V-Mill C 2500

V-Mill C 2500

  • description

    • The universal milling head can be used at any angle
    Range of 360 °. This can also
    Milling work can be carried out in a horizontal plane
    • The stable cast construction with a dead weight of
    12,000 kg enables a maximum table load capacity
    of up to 3,000 kg
    • Servo drives are in all axes, in X and Y axes
    the automatic feeds are continuously adjustable
    • Simultaneous movement of several axes
    • Rapid traverse in all axes
    • Automatic central lubrication
    • Hanging desk for optimum ease of use
    • Powerful, hydraulic clamping in the X, Y and Z axes
    • Good accessibility to the machine table and the milling head
    facilitate loading and unloading as well as working on the
    Milling head
    • With optional accessories, a
    various uses of this machine are possible
    (e.g. dividing head, rotary table, tailstock)

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ 3-axis position indicator
    ✔ Collet chuck ISO 50 with
    Collets Ø 4, 6, 8, 12, 16,
    18, 22, 26 mm
    ✔ ISO50 / MK4 reducing sleeve
    ✔ Coolant device
    ✔ Foundation bolts M24 x 500
    ✔ Operating tool
    ✔ Operating instructions

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