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UHP-Turn 450

UHP-Turn 450

  • description


    UHP turn 450

    • For turning high-precision parts
    • High process reliability
    • Suitable for hard turning
    • Optionally with automation solution for efficient series production
    • Suitable for microfinishing and mirror turning
    • Lower X-axis ball screw bearing block in cast-in design

    Properties of the profile rail guide series RG

    In the HIWIN profile rail guides of the RG series, rollers are used as rolling elements instead of balls. The RG series offers extremely high rigidity and a very high load capacity. It is designed with a 45 ° contact angle. Due to the linear contact surface, the deformation caused by the load is significantly reduced and thus ensures very high rigidity and load-bearing capacity in all 4 directions of load. The linear guides of the RG series are therefore ideally suited for use in high-precision manufacturing.

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ CNC Mitsubishi M70V Navi Lathe, opt. Fanuc 0i-TF

    ✔ Built-in high-performance spindle with <0.8 μm concentricity

    ✔ Preloaded ball screw drives with internal cooling

    ✔ High-precision pneumatic front end chuck. 150 mm

    ✔ Automatic 10-fold tool turret

    ✔ Tailstock with programmable quill

    ✔ HIWIN linear roller guide

    ✔ Coolant by tool

    ✔ High-performance coolant pump

    ✔ Chain chip conveyor (ejection height 810 mm)

    ✔ Automatic central lubrication system

    ✔ Integrated oil separation (cascade system)

    ✔ Electronic handwheel

    ✔ Interface for bar loader

    ✔ Work area halogen lighting

    ✔ 3-color machine status display

    ✔ Double foot switch for chuck

    ✔ Double foot switch for hydraulic tailstock quill

    ✔ Hard jaws and soft block jaws (1 set)

    ✔ Various tool holders (1 set)

  • Special equipment

    ⭑ Collet chucks

    ⭑Precision linear scales

    ⭑Automatic parts catcher

    ⭑Product conveyor belt

    ⭑Cut-off detector

    ⭑Door automation

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