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STRATOM 400 P2 • 500 P2

STRATOM 400 P2 • 500 P2

  • description

    • Construction method for low space requirements
    • Powerful main spindle, S2 = 25 kW with double reduction for a comfortable torque up to max. 235 Nm
    • Due to the speed range up to max. 12,000 rpm ideal for flexible machining of a wide variety of material classes
    • Tool measurement system for easy and safe work
    • Chip flushing system for cleaning the machining area
    • The axis is clamped by hydraulic, conical dowel pins that generate 17 tons of clamping force. In this way, exact positioning and clamping is guaranteed at all times, even with heavy machining.
    • The standard 2-fold table changing device allows a load of max. 400/500 kg and thus offers sufficient reserve for workpiece and clamping device.
    • Thanks to their innovative design, the machines of this series have an extremely heavy machine bed in 3-point construction with consistently high dynamics in the main spindle and the feed axes of up to 0.9 G acceleration
    • All axes are equipped with high-quality roller linear guides
  • Standard equipment

    ✔ FANUC 0i-MF CNC control

    ✔ 60-fold tool magazine (DIN69871)

    ✔ Built-in spindle 12,000 rpm (max. 235 Nm)

    ✔ B-axis (min.indexing angle 1 °)

    ✔ Automatic pallet changer for 2 pallets

    ✔ Tool monitoring

    ✔ Adaptive feed control

    ✔ Spindle load protection

    ✔ Tool management

    ✔ Spindle cooling

    ✔ Cooling by spindle 20 bar

    ✔ Tempered control cabinet

    ✔ Spindle bearing labyrinth cover

    ✔ 2x integrated spiral chip conveyor

    ✔ Chip conveyor with an ejection height of 1200 mm

    ✔ Electronic handwheel

    ✔ Work area lighting

    ✔ 3-color machine status display

    ✔ Installation elements

    ✔ Maintenance tools

    ✔ Programming and operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ⭑Heidenhain CNC control

    ⭑Siemens CNC control

    ⭑B-axis (min.indexing angle 0.001 °)

    ⭑60, 90, 120-fold tool magazine

    ⭑Tool holder HSK, BT, BBT

    ⭑I KZ 35 (70) bar with double filter

    ⭑Linear scales

    ⭑Additional pallet

    ⭑Rotative encoder for B-axis

    ⭑Pallet pool system 8-fold

    ⭑Tool length measurement and breakage monitoring (Q-sensor)

    ⭑Workpiece clamping device (hydraulic)

    ⭑Oil extractor

    ⭑Oil separator

    ⭑Tool measurement system

    ⭑Workpiece measurement system

    ⭑Door automation

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