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  • description

    Powerful spindle
    • A wide speed range for the
    Spindle (12,000, 15,000 or
    24,000 rpm)
    • Use of ceramic ball bearings with
    groundbreaking long service life

    Double table
    The SIRIX 360 has a double table system as standard, which is hydraulic
    is clamped with a zero point clamping system.

    Tool change
    The automatic tool changer (ATC) is standard in
    Drum design with 14 tool magazines. Optional is a
    Double arm changer with 24 tool stations available.
    The tool change times are particularly important for double arm types
    with a speed of 1.3 seconds for TT (Tool to Tool) and
    1.8 seconds for CC (Chip to Chip) designed for high productivity

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ FANUC 0i-NF
    ✔ Electronic handwheel (MPG)
    ✔ 12,000 rpm direct drive spindle
    ✔ Turret tool changer
    ✔ High quality linear guides in all
    ✔ Coolant system
    ✔ Chip flushing system
    ✔ Spindle blow-out function
    ✔ LED work light
    ✔ End of program light
    ✔ Door lock
    ✔ Operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ■ CNC controls from Mitsubishi, Siemens
    ■ Extension of the tool changer to
    24 stations
    ■ 4th and 4th / 5th axis
    ■ Tool holders BBT30, BT40 or
    ■ Workpiece measurement
    ■ Tool measurement
    ■ IKZ 20.30 or 70 bar
    ■ Full enclosure "top-closed"
    ■ Oil separator

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