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RFS 300/500/800/1000/1200

RFS 300/500/800/1000/1200

  • description

    Rotary grinders are capable of grinding hard, brittle and general metal and mold materials.

    These machines can also be used for the following materials: Semiconductor, Solar Photonics, IC, Wafar, TFT-LCD, PASS Ceramic Products, Alumina (AI203), Zirconia (Zro2), Silicon Nitride (Si3N4), Silicon Carbide (STC), Silicon ( Si), Quariz, ZTA Graphite, MACOR, Ru, etc. The variety of materials that can be ground offers exceptional versatility to the customer

    • Class V3 Siemens spindle motor with superior performance and reliability is sealed to prevent moisture ingress.
    • The grinding head features 3 heavy-duty linear roller guides for smooth vertical feed and maximum rigidity.
    • The electromagnetic fine pole chuck enables maximum workpiece clamping for small workpieces.
    • precision grinder
    • Surface processing up to mirror class
    • Automatic trim compensation
    • Y, Z and rotary axis driven by AC servo motor
    • Online monitoring of spindle vibrations
    • Fully supported machine bed for high structural rigidity
  • standard equipment

    ✔ PLC control system

    ✔ Includes grinding wheel and flange

    ✔ Balancing mandrel

    ✔ LED work light

    ✔ Fine electro-magnetic chuck+ Auto.demagnetizer for chuck

    ✔ Spindle Inverter

    ✔ Oil mist separator

    ✔ Diamond dresser and socket

    ✔ Operating tool

    ✔ Operating Instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ⭑ Siemens, Fanuc or Mitsubishi CNC controls

    ⭑ Magnetic turntable

    ⭑ Basic coolant system

    ⭑ Inverter for spindle motor

    ⭑ Digital display

    ⭑ On-line wheel balancing system

    ⭑ Rotating diamond dresser

    ⭑ Spindle cooler

    ⭑ Demagnetizer for chucks

    ⭑  Coolant device with magnetic separator

    ⭑ Coolant system with paper filter

    ⭑ Coolant system with paper filter and magnetic separator

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