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  • description


    The operation of the radial drilling arm in this series is very conveniently controlled by means of IC timer chips with just one button. Separate oil pump to efficiently cool the gearbox and minimize wear. Friction clutch to protect the gearbox. Fast spindle return for more efficient thread cutting. Safety device for the extension arm to prevent the arm from falling. Precision gear, easy handling, smooth gear changes, extremely quiet in operation.

    Especially for RD 80

    Column, arm and gear housing can be clamped independently of each other, but also synchronously, this is done automatically or manually. Free preselection of speed, speed change is operated hydraulically. Fast and very easy to use.

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ Operating tool

    ✔ coolant device (with pump)

    ✔ Work area lighting

    ✔ Cube table

  • Optional accessories

    ⭑ Tilting table 90 ° with calibrated display

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