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  • description

    • Roller drive via electric motor
    and gears
    • Locking the top roller over
    Lever lock
    • Conical bending is done using a
    Coupling realized which on the
    Side roller drive shaft
    is mounted
    • Fixed top roller, movable
    Bottom and side rollers
    • Wire insert groove on the lower roller
    • Left-right rotation via double
    Foot switch
    • Manual adjustment of the side roller
    for conical bending

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ Mobile control panel
    ✔ Cable safety system
    ✔ Fine bending device with motor brake
    ✔ Rolls made of SAE 1050 quality steel
    ✔ Automatic central lubrication
    (from RBD-3M 10/7)
    ✔ Motorized rear roller adjustment
    (from RBD-3M 10/7)
    ✔ Operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ■ Digital reel position display
    ■ Extended rollers & profile rollers
    ■ Induction hardened rollers

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