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R-Grind HD

R-Grind HD

  • description

    • High-performance grinding machine for custom-fit production
    of large-volume workpieces such as carriage axles,
    Printing cylinder etc.
    • High quality Mehanite gray cast iron with strong ribbing
    ensures high overall rigidity even at high
    Workpiece weights
    • Wheelhead guided by precision bearings, even
    with high flying forces a maximum of accuracy is achieved
    • The belt-driven headstock with adjustable
    Speed ensures optimal coordination between
    Grinding medium and workpiece
    • Automatic headstock lubrication
    • Hydraulically driven table feed with soft stop on
    End of table strokes
    • All feeds are infinitely variable in order to finish at any time
    to be able to generate a high quality surface
    • Rapid feed / retraction of the grinding wheel
    • Aerostatic bearing of the spindle and tailstock

  • Standard configuration

    ✔ grinding wheel (standard)
    ✔ Grinding wheel flange
    ✔ Flange puller
    ✔ forehead /
    Side dressing device
    ✔ Balancing mandrel
    ✔ Carbide center point МK 6
    ✔ Swivel headstock
    ✔ Tailstock with lever operation
    ✔ Splash protection
    ✔ Diamond dresser
    ✔ Coolant device
    ✔ Leveling bolts and feet
    ✔ Operating tool
    ✔ Operating instructions

  • Optional configuration

    ■ Internal grinding device
    ■ Coolant filter system, paper filter or magnetic separator
    ■ 3-jaw chuck (self-centering) including adapter plate
    ■ 4-jaw chuck (jaws separately adjustable) incl. Adapter plate
    ■ Grinding wheel balancing stand
    ■ carrier (various)
    ■ 2-point steady rest (fixed)
    ■ Radius dressing device
    ■ Angle dressing device
    ■ grinding wheel (extra)
    ■ grinding wheel flange (extra)
    ■ Digital position indicator

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