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  • description


    • Generously dimensioned machine bed minimizes both torsion and vibrations and thus achieves a permanently high-quality grinding pattern with the best dimensional accuracy
    • High operating comfort and process-reliable work thanks to automatic slide and headstock lubrication
    • 8-fold stepped belt drive in the headstock for a wide range of speeds
    • Infinitely variable table feed thanks to hydraulic drive, particularly powerful with minimal machine load thanks to "soft stop" at the end of the travel
    • Rapid traverse in the infeed axis
  • Standard equipment

    ✔ grinding wheel

    ✔ Grinding wheel flange

    ✔ Flange puller

    ✔ Face / side dressing device

    ✔ Balancing mandrel

    ✔ Carbide center point MK 4

    ✔ Swivel headstock

    ✔ Tailstock with lever operation

    ✔ Splash protection

    ✔ Coolant device

    ✔ Leveling bolts and feet

    ✔ Operating tool

    ✔ Operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ⭑ Internal grinding device

    ⭑ Coolant filter system

    ⭑ 3-jaw chuck (self-centering) including adapter plate

    ⭑ 4-jaw chuck (jaws separately adjustable) incl. Adapter plate

    ⭑ Grinding wheel balancing stand

    ⭑ carrier (various)

    ⭑ 2-point steady rest (fixed)

    ⭑ Radius dressing device

    ⭑ Angle dressing device

    ⭑ grinding wheel flange (extra)

    ⭑ Digital position indicator

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