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  • description

    • Standard electr. Contact stop 1000 mm
    • Machine operation through safety foot pedals
    • Jog mode for each workstation for precise
    Tool and workpiece positioning
    • Activatable stroke limiter for quick workflow
    in series work
    • Also with CNC-controlled material feed for hole punch
    available, 6 m NC feed, 4 m material support table,
    pneumatic holding device

  • Standard configuration

    Hole punching station:
    ✔ Punching sheet metal, flat and
    ✔ Robust table for high quality
    Punching results
    ✔ Stepless stroke adjustment
    ✔ Adapter for punches and dies

    Flat steel shears:
    ✔ Lower knife with 4 cutting edges
    ✔ Upper knife with 2 cutting edges
    ✔ Table with angle and length stop

    Angle steel scissors:
    ✔ Cutting angle profiles under
    different angles
    ✔ Adjustable backgauge

    Section steel shears:
    ✔ Cutting of round and
    Square steel
    ✔ 1000 mm back gauge

    Notching station:
    ✔ Table with stops

  • Optional configuration

    ■ Motorized backgauge for
    Automatic mode
    ■ Station for cutting U, T and
    Double-T profiles
    The dimensions of the station are in advance
    to vote
    ■ Station for punching
    ■ V-knife for notching station
    ■ Punches and dies

    Bending station:

    ■ V punch and die

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