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  • description

    The Plasmasonic series
    meets the highest requirements
    in productivity,
    Reliability and Automation.
    Through the most modern
    CNC control, with automatic
    Tool addressing
    via the parameter database,
    can be different
    Technologies such as
    Plasma cutting or flame cutting / oxy-fuel cutting in connection with pipe cutting
    and weld preparation can be combined.
    - The construction of the system ensures its smooth operation, even under tough conditions
    Conditions of use
    - Magnetic holder of the cutting heads enables their quick change and avoids im
    In the event of a collision, damage to the cutting head
    - Optional multi-head operation of plasma cutting heads and oxy-fuel cutting heads. The control
    enables the use of up to 4 cutting head carriers (plasma and oxy-fuel cutting heads
    with independent height control), in any combination

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ Solid, welded, high-quality steel frame
    ✔ Automatic gas and air pressure regulation at
    Plasma and oxy-fuel cutting takes place in one control unit
    (only with PP130 and РР260)
    ✔ Handheld control unit (enables parameter changes during
    of cutting)
    ✔ Automatic height control of the plasma and oxy-fuel torches
    ✔ Extraction and fine dust filter unit
    ✔ Automatic marking unit for labeling the workpieces
    (PP130 РР260 plasma source)
    ✔ Ergonomic control panel for central control of all
    Machine components and areas
    ✔ Stable, stand-alone support table with sectional suction
    ✔ Data import of DIN / ISO G, DXF, ESSI files possible
    ✔ Integrated CAD program for creating geometric
    Part contours directly on the system
    ✔ Integrated, fully automatic nesting software
    ✔ Function to resume cutting from the point of
    Interruption after a power failure or deliberate shutdown
    the plant
    ✔ Function for automatic process shutdown in the event of a
    Broken electrodes and nozzles
    ✔ Look-Ahead function for regulating the dynamics when cutting closer
    Radii and corners
    ✔ Operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ■ Automatic pipe / profile cutting device
    ■ Automatic bevel cutting head
    ■ Additional plasma cutting heads
    ■ Additional oxy-fuel cutting heads
    ■ Additional bridge unit

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