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iVL 20 • 25 • 30

iVL 20 • 25 • 30

  • description


    • The X- and Y-axes have a linear drive that guarantees travel speeds of 60/40 m / min and the highest precision
    • Constant temperature thanks to the spindle cooling system
    • The ideal chip case guarantees trouble-free work and long tool life
    • The machine is easily accessible and the service points are easy to reach.

    Spindle pick-up principle

    The turning spindle moves in both a vertical and a horizontal plane and is thus able to independently pick up workpieces from the workpiece pool and put them down again after machining. This simple automation concept achieves extremely high availability and productivity with investment costs that are always manageable.

  • Standard accessories

    ✔ Mitsubishi M70V Navi Lathe CNC control

    ✔ Build-in spindle with 4500 min-1 (iVL 20)

    ✔ Build-in spindle with 3500 min-1 (iVL 30)

    ✔ Hydraulic power chuck

    ✔ 6-fold workpiece magazine

    ✔ T1: 12-station tool turret

    ✔ T2: Second 12-station tool turret with driven tools (iVL 20 Twin)

    ✔ C-axis with positioning 0.001 ° (iVL 20 Twin)

    ✔ High-performance coolant pump

    ✔ Chip conveyor with ejection height 1100 mm

    ✔ Automatic central lubrication system

    ✔ Spindle cooling

    ✔ Adjustable workpiece clamping pressu