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  • description

    The IHS CNC hybrid precision grinding machine is equipped with three X, Z and Y axis slides and two grinding spindles*. It was specifically designed to keep up with the growing demand for high precision parts.   *Except IHS-MONO

    The CNC control systems of the IHS series are available with MITSUBISHI* or FANUC** controls. It can also be operated with plain language graphical programming (option), eliminating the need for G-code programming, and it is easy to learn and use for grinding work even for beginners.(*MITSUBISHI M80 with touch screen /* *FANUC 0i-TF)Low-gravity base structure and control panel are designed to meet ergonomic requirements. Combinations of grinding operations for internal, external, face, groove, radius, internal and external step and taper grinding can be performed in one setup. This greatly increases the efficiency of grinding and ensures better concentricity and accuracy of the ground parts.

  • standard equipment

    ✔ Control system: Mitsubishi M80 or FANUC 0i-TF with 10.4" screen

    ✔ Dressing tool in three directions (1 set), diamond dresser (3 pieces)

    ✔ Hydraulic 8" 3-jaw chuck (with solid rotary cylinder)

    ✔ MPG Handwheel: EGI 2 axis, EGM 3 axis control

    ✔ X-axis Heidenhain/Mitsubishi linear scale (resolution 0.05um)

    ✔ Electric cabinet with heat exchanger

    ✔ Standard coolant tank 140L

    ✔ Automatic lubrication