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HYPERION 630 P2 • 800 P2

HYPERION 630 P2 • 800 P2

  • Description


    When developing this machine, special emphasis was placed on the flexibility of the applications and the reduction of set-up and non-productive times. This ensures that maximum output is guaranteed at all times in today's fast-paced machining business.

    The machine frame, which has been optimized by FEA, has astonishing dynamics paired with high rapid traverse speeds and at the same time effective vibration absorption in all milling applications.

    Maintenance and alarm history

    • The system gives an overview of service intervals, error messages and thus helps to plan the machine service
    • Software contains: sensor status and position lists, error code lists, cutting interruption lists and general error message lists

    Tool monitoring

    • Self-adapting cutting parameters
    • Spindle overload protection and monitoring
    • Tool life history
    • Tool usage time overview
    • Tool management, in general

    Standard spindle

    Drive based on the built-in principle with a max. Speed of 10,000 min-1 and a torque of up to 420 Nm. Ø 100 mm bearing in hybrid ceramic design. Instead of the built-in drive, there is optionally a gear version with 6,000 rpm, 22 kW and 1050 Nm for very heavy-duty machining


  • Standard equipment

    ✔ FANUC 0i-MFCNC control

    ✔ 60-fold tool magazine (DIN 69871)

    ✔ Built-in spindle 10,000 min-1 (max. 420 Nm)

    ✔ B-axis (min.indexing angle 1 °)

    ✔ Automatic pallet changer for 2 pallets

    ✔ Tool monitoring

    ✔ Adaptive feed control

    ✔ Spindle load protection

    ✔ Tool management

    ✔ Spindle cooling

    ✔ Cooling by spindle 15 bar

    ✔ Tempered control cabinet

    ✔ Spindle bearing labyrinth cover

    ✔ 2x integrated spiral chip conveyor

    ✔ Chip conveyor with an ejection height of 1200 mm

    ✔ Electronic handwheel

    ✔ Work area lighting

    ✔ 3-color machine status display

    ✔ Installation elements

    ✔ Maintenance tools

    ✔ Programming and operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ⭑ Heidenhain CNC control

    ⭑ Siemens 840 D CNC control

    ⭑ Spindle with gear 6,000 rpm (max. 1050 Nm)

    ⭑ Built-in spindle 12,000 rpm

    ⭑ B-axis (min.indexing angle 0.001 °)

    ⭑ 60, 90, 120-fold tool magazine

    ⭑ Tool holder HSK, BT, BBT

    ⭑ I KZ 30 (70) bar with double filter

    ⭑ linear scales

    ⭑ Additional pallet

    ⭑ Rotary encoder for B-axis

    ⭑ 8-fold pallet pool system (Hyperion 630)

    ⭑ Pallet pool system 6-fold (Hyperion 800)

    ⭑ Tool length measurement and breakage monitoring (Q-Sensor)

    ⭑ workpiece clamping (hydraulic)

    ⭑ Oil extractor

    ⭑ Oil separator

    ⭑ Tool measurement system

    ⭑ Workpiece measurement system

    ⭑ door automation

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