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  • description

    Automatic pressing force determination
    taking into account material quality,
    Sheet thickness, working length
    and V-opening of the die. In the
    optional motorized under-table crowning
    will this accordingly
    the specifications of the control automatically

  • Standard configuration

    ✔ Y1, Y2, X, R axes
    ✔ Cybelec DNC600 CNC control
    ✔ Offline software
    ✔ Hydraulic system according to CE standards Hörbiger or Rexroth
    ✔ Electrical components Schneider- Telemechanique
    ✔ Foot control
    ✔ Heidenhein or Givi high quality linear encoders with a
    Measurement accuracy of + -0.005mm
    ✔ User-friendly, ergonomic, movable control
    ✔ Easily movable support arms
    ✔ Original Unimec backgauge on linear guides and ball screws
    with tolerance + - 0.03 mm
    ✔ Manually movable backgauge fingers
    ✔ Lateral protective grille
    ✔ Quick change Promecam tool holder
    ✔ Standard upper tool hardened, ground
    ✔ Standard lower tool as Multi-V die
    ✔ Light barrier behind the machine according to CE norm
    ✔ Original WILA motor-controlled crowning system

  • Optional configuration

    ■ Cybelec various control models
    ■ Delem various control models
    ■ 1000 mm travel back stop (X axis)
    ■ AKAS laser front finger protection according to CE norm (Safety PLC)
    ■ Motorized AKAS front finger protection according to CE norm (Safety PLC)
    ■ LaserSafe front finger protection according to CE norm (Safety PLC)
    ■ additional backgauge fingers
    ■ additional support arms
    ■ WILA hydraulic or mechanical upper tool clamping system
    ■ WILA hydraulic or mechanical lower tool clamping system
    ■ Hydraulic upper tool clamping system - Promecam
    ■ Angle measuring system with laser
    ■ Special overhang, special lift
    ■ Oil cooler
    ■ Backgauge system with X1, X2, Z1, Z2, R1, R2 axes as an option

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