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  • description

    • Hydraulic swing-beam shear with fixed rake angle is intended

    for high-quality cutting of various sheet materials

    at high-speeds; it is a powerful metal working tool.

    • The machine’s cylinder rods are manufactured by Koyahan

    - one of the most renowned European hydraulics companies.

    They are made of a special ground alloy steel.

  • Standard configuration

    ✔ Mono block, welded steel frame

    of high tensile material

    ✔ ELGO-driven backgauge of 1000

    mm (39.4”), with automatic

    swing-away feature

    ✔ Powerful hold downs to avoid

    material movement during the

    cutting action

    ✔ Roller bearings on the table to

    ease placement of sheets

    ✔ Honed hydraulic cylinders and

    chrome coated pistons

    ✔ High quality top and bottom

    blades, bottom: 4 cutting sides,

    top: 2 cutting sides

    ✔ Hoerbiger hydraulic system

    ✔ 3 front support arms with ruler

    and flip-stop

    ✔ Manual blade gap adjustment

    ✔ Safety light curtain at rear

    ✔ Foot pedal

    ✔ Cutting line illumination

    ✔ Side and rear guards

    ✔ Cutting length adjustment

    ✔ Operation manual

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