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  • description

    • Cutting length adjustment is made at the panel, which

    guarantees efficient processing

    • Machinery components and parts from reputable manufacturers:

    Bosch Rexroth, Hoerbiger, Cybelec, Delem, Elgo,

    Telemecanique, Siemens, Wila, Wilson, Unimec

    • The pistons of the hydraulic cylinders are made of high

    grade steel, hardened and precision polished

    • The pivot bearings are grease and oil-free, which prevents

    dirt and dust contamination and thereby extends the

    service life

  • Standard configuration

    ✔ Control Delem DAC-310,
    Cybelec DNC 60 (cutting length,
    Cutting width, distance, number
    of cuts, 100 programmable
    ✔ Stable mono-block welded construction
    made of high quality
    ✔ Controlled backgauge
    1000 mm travel with swingaway
    ✔ Hydrl. controlled hold-down devices
    for optimal sheet metal clamping
    ✔ Support table with ball casters
    ✔ Hydraulic cylinder ground,
    honed and chrome-plated
    ✔ High quality upper and lower knife
    (Can be turned 2/4 times)
    ✔ Hoerbiger hydraulic system
    ✔ 3 front support arms with scaling
    and attacks
    ✔ Automatic cutting angle and
    Cutting gap adjustment by
    CNC Control
    ✔ Rear safety light curtain
    ✔ foot pedal
    ✔ Cutting line lighting
    ✔ Finger protection on the front and side
    ✔ Cutting length adjustment
    ✔ Operating instructions

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