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  • standard equipment

    ✔ Heidenhain TNC 640 incl. 15" TFT screen, software option 1 & 2, DCM collision software

    ✔Display with 5 axes simultaneously

    ✔DD Drive Double Arm AC Head Model S

    ✔Fully enclosed splash guard

    ✔Air conditioning of the control cabinet

    ✔Automatic lubrication system

    ✔Coolant device

    ✔High-precision water cooler for the spindle

    ✔Spindle Cone Air Blower

    ✔Cutting air fan

    ✔LED work light

    ✔End of program light

    ✔Electronic Handwheel (MPG)

    ✔Two screw chip conveyors and one chain chip conveyor

    ✔Handy coolant gun and air gun

    ✔Levelling bolts and blocks

    ✔  operating tool

    ✔  Programming and operating instructions

  • Technical specifications

    travel range:

        X = 4200mm  
        Y = 3300mm
        Z = 1200mm

    Distance spindle 90° position XY A/C head model L 3680/2780mm, A/C head model XL 3500/2600mm

    Distance spindle nose to table:     A/C head model L 200-1400mm, A/C head model XL 60-1260mm

    90° spindle center line to table: A/C head model L 460-1660mm, A/C head model XL 410-1610mm

    Table dimensions: 4000 x 2400 mm with 11 T-slots, T-slot pitch 200 mm

    Maximum table load:     12000kg 

    Main drive standard 

    Speed Speed Standard: 12000 rpm

    Drive power: 50kW(S1)
    Max. spindle torque 160Nm (S1)

    Tool magazine:
    Number of magazine places:     40 places for HSK A100

    Permissible tool diameter:     Diameter 125mm /(250mm with free adjacent spaces)

    Permissible tool length: 400 mm (from the spindle nose)

    Permissible tool weight: 20 kg 

    Feed drives:

    Type of drive: digitally controlled AC motor on ball screw
        X axis dia. 80x20mm
    Y axis dia. 63x12mm
                   Z axis with double drive by two ball screws Dia. 50x10mm, 2 pieces

    Maximum cutting feed:     X, Y and Z axis maximum 12 m/min

    rapid traverse:     X, Y, Z axis 20m/min

    Guides:     Roller linear guides in XYZ
                   X,Y axis track width 55/55/55mm
                      X-axis with 3 linear guides

    machine accuracy

    Positioning accuracy VDI 3441 full stroke 0.020mm

    Positioning repeatability VDI 3441 full stroke 0.015mm

    Coolant supply:

    Standard coolant system 3 nozzles for external coolant supply
                   1 nozzle for air cooling
        Coolant supply: approx. 40 L/min  
        Pressure: 6 bars
        Tank capacity: approx. 300 L

    chip evacuation:

    Standard:     Coolant tank with filter

                         Two screw chip conveyors and one chain chip conveyor  
    Central lubrication: automatic minimum lubrication for roller guides and
        ball screw

    Cooling of the control cabinet:     Air conditioning for control cabinet

    Standard semi-enclosed splash guard and two sliding doors

    Machine light: 2 LED lamps 

    Installation dimensions and weight:

    Dimensions of the basic machine W x D x H 11500 x 5850 x 5500 mm
    Weight without attachments:     52000kg 

    Connection values:

    Air consumption: approx.150L/min
    Air pressure: 0.6Mpa
    Operating voltage: 380V - 400V / 50-60 Hz / 3 phases / N / PE
    maximum permissible deviation:     +10% / -10%
    Power Consumption:     60kVA 
    In max: 100 A 

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