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GT18 • GT18.5X

GT18 • GT18.5X

  • description

    The new GT18 high-speed portal machining center
    is based on a highly rigid and stable portal structure with two
    Ball screw drives in master-slave design and high-speed spindles
    high torque, the most efficient
    and offer high quality machining capabilities.
    Optimal ergonomics for better visibility of the workpieces
    and easy operation for the user. High performance with
    high precision and high surface quality result in a
    very good value for money. The KAAST GT18 is the perfect choice for medium to large workpieces with a high dead weight.

    The massive portal construction made of Meehanite cast
    forms the basis for a convincing concept.
    Even with highly dynamic processes, the
    Machine with its rigidity and power reserve and
    ensures perfect machining results in every situation
    for sure. There are also vibrations
    and resonances absorbed, which is too strong
    leads to improved tool life.

  • standard configuration

    ✔ Fully enclosed splash guard
    ✔ Spindle motor HSK A63
    24,000 rpm
    ✔ 60 stations Chain tool changer
    ✔ 2 screw chip conveyors and
    1 chain chip conveyor
    ✔ Air-conditioned control cabinet
    ✔ High-precision spindle
    water cooler
    ✔ Threading
    ✔ USB, CF card, Ethernet
    ✔ Automatic central lubrication
    system (displacement/ or time-controlled)
    ✔ Coolant system
    ✔ Linear scales
    ✔ Oil separator
    ✔ Spindle blowout function
    ✔ LED work lights
    ✔ End of program light
    ✔ Electronic handwheel (MPG)
    ✔ Toolbox
    ✔ Leveling screws and bolts
    ✔ Coolant gun
    ✔ Air pistol
    ✔ Operating Instructions

  • Optional configuration

    ■ HSK A100 spindle motor, 15,000 rpm
    ■ Cooling through the spindle
    ■ Cooling of the ball screws
    ■ Tool and workpiece measurement

    ■ Dynamic collision monitoring
    ■ oil scraper

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