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F-Grind Advance

F-Grind Advance

  • Description

    Low friction surfaces
    The precision ground and TURCITE B coated
    Guideways have a low-friction surface.
    The stick-slip is caused by the interaction
    of the two precision surfaces drastically reduced.
    In addition, the surfaces have a very calm
    Flow movement and are extremely resistant to
    The spindles have specially closed bearings
    and are lubricated for life making them minimal
    Maintenance effort is guaranteed.
    The guideways are automatically set after the
    Activation of the hydraulic system supplied with oil. This is
    a lack of oil is not possible.
    In addition, an automatic alarm system alerts the
    Operator when the oil level is low.

    Stress-free annealed machine base:
    The frame, the table, support, the column and everything else
    Main machine castings are remunerated twice.
    This removes all metallurgical stresses

    • Heavy cast iron frame through FEA analysis structure
    • The X and Z axes are counter-coated with Turcite B.
    • Precision “cartridge” spindle with high rigidity
    • Precision grinding spindle with class P4 bearings
    ensures quiet and vibration-free spindle operation of
    • X-axis feed through infinitely adjustable
    Proportional valve adjustable
    • Y and Z axes through digital AC
    Servo motors driven
    • Partial enclosure to reduce the
    Aerosol Emission
    • Manual infeed of the axis via joystick
    • Infinitely variable spindle speed
    Inverter technology
    • Automatic dressing unit with integrated
    Compensation for the significant increase
    • Accuracy according to DIN 8632
    • Axis positions that are current at any time, clearly laid out 8 “-
    Readable touch screen display
    • Incl. autom. Grinding cycles (flat, cross, recess, spark-out,
    • Optional automatic balancing device available for
    Avoidance of set-up and non-productive times
    • Optional parallel dressing unit with autom.
    Compensation assumption available

  • Standard configuration

    ✔ NC control
    ✔ LCD touch screen
    ✔ Autom. Dressing device incl.
    Compensation assumption
    ✔ Electric handwheel
    ✔ Infinitely variable
    Grinding spindle
    ✔ Partial enclosure
    ✔ Balancing mandrel
    ✔ Balance stand
    ✔ Work light
    ✔ Coolant device
    ✔ Support feet and leveling bolts
    ✔ Operating tool
    ✔ Operating instructions
    ✔ Grinding wheel flange

  • Optional configuration

    ■ Magnetic chuck
    ■ Coolant device with magnetic separator
    ■ Coolant device with filter (paper filter)
    ■ Coolant device with magnetic separator and filter (paper filter)
    ■ Automatic demagnetizer
    ■ grinding wheel (extra)
    ■ Complete enclosure
    ■ Automatic balancing unit
    ■ NC-controlled dressing and compensation device

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