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DG 350/630/1030/1300

DG 350/630/1030/1300

  • description

    The drum grinding machines of the DG series are suitable for grinding, deburring and polishing the surfaces of all types of steel and non-ferrous metals. The conveyor belt speed is infinitely adjustable in order to always obtain the best sanding results. This allows you to grind, deburr and polish large areas quickly and effectively. Other options increase the degree of automation of these systems, such as automatic front and rear table feed, PLC unit for monitoring the grinding parameters and automatic height adjustment. Several systems can be connected in series in order to obtain a complete grinding line. In addition, drum grinding machines for grinding with wet grinding processes can be offered.

  • standard equipment

    ✔ Motor brake for grinding rollers

    ✔ Sanding roller with fine adjustment

    ✔ SKF bearing for idler roller

    ✔ Central lubrication

    ✔ Conveyor belt speed (continuously adjustable)

    ✔ Oil and heat resistant rubber conveyor belt

    ✔ Finger guard safety system

    ✔ Digital position display

    ✔ Operating tool

    ✔ Operating Instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ▶ PLC control unit

    ▶ Grinding dust extraction wet/dry

    ▶ Paper filter device

    ▶ Drying and cleaning equipment

    ▶ Automatic front and rear table feed

    ▶ Grinding belts, various sizes and grit

    ▶ Polishing rollers, according to application

    ▶ Wet grinding process version

    ▶ Grinding line application

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