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D-Turn Giant

D-Turn Giant

  • description

    • Heavy FC-30 cast machine bed with strong ribs ensures
    low-vibration work
    • Induction hardened and ground bed guides
    • Gear wheels and shafts made of hardened and ground
    Special steel running in an oil bath
    • Robust multi-disc clutch to drive the main spindle
    • The X and Z axes are counter-coated with Turcite B.

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ 3-axis position indicator
    ✔ Switchable rapid traverse in the X and Z axes
    ✔ Halogen work light
    ✔ Coolant device
    ✔ Automatic central lubrication
    ✔ Tailstock with double quill feed
    ✔ Reducing sleeves
    ✔ Center point
    ✔ Installation elements
    ✔ Maintenance tools
    ✔ Operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ■ Spindle motor with additional power
    ■ 3-jaw chucks (various sizes)
    ■ 4-jaw chucks (various sizes)
    ■ steady rest, moving or fixed (various
    ■ Larger spindle bore max. Ø410 mm
    ■ Conical ruler for machining conical ones
    ■ Hydraulic copier
    ■ Quick change tool holder
    ■ Support grinding device
    ■ Rear tool holder
    ■ Motorized tailstock

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