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  • description

    The 5-axis machining center 800.5X Gantry Type 5-axis has exceptional stability in high-speed machining. Its gantry structure in connection with the highly rigid, swiveling rotary table makes 5-axis machining more stable and smoother.

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI control

    ✔ Electronic handwheel

    ✔ Pneumatics AirTAC

    ✔ Central lubrication

    ✔ Spindle AL-axis cooling system

    ✔ AL-axis glass rulers

    ✔ Two air nozzles on the spindle

    ✔ Spindle cooling

    ✔ Chain chip conveyor

    ✔ Water gun

    ✔ Compressed air gun

    ✔ Work area light

    ✔ Lamp for end of cycle and alarm

  • Optional accessories

    ⭑ 20,000 rpm spindle

    ⭑ Siemens 840 DSL control

    ⭑ Tool measurement (Renishaw, Blum, Marposs)

    ⭑ Workpiece measurement (Renishaw, Heidenhain)

    ⭑ Internal spindle cooling 30/70 bar

    ⭑ Four air nozzles on the spindle

    ⭑ Glass rulers on the spindle

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