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  • description

    • The heavily ribbed cast structure forms a strong and stable foundation for the machines in this grinding machine series. Micro-vibrations are absorbed in the best possible way by the heavy cast body and large contact surfaces in the entire guide system. This, together with the dynamic and high-precision control and drive package, results in the best possible Basis for dimensionally accurate parts in everyday production.
    • Equipped with the full-screen touch screen and our innovative "iGrind" dialog programming interface, our control concept is easy and quick to learn for the operator.
    • The unique concept of our B-axis offers high rigidity, high positioning accuracy and flexible software application to meet the needs of grinding complex workpieces.
  • standard equipment

    ✔ Mitsubishi control (M80) iGrind program

    ✔ T1 plunge grinding wheel + 6" flange

    ✔ T2 angle grinding wheel + 6" wheel flange

    ✔ T3 Internal standard wheel without spindle + quill

    ✔ Automatic disc speed change (15 levels)

    ✔ Infinitely adjustable working head with servo motor MT4

    ✔ X-axis Heidenhain linear scale (resolution 0.05um)

    ✔ B-axis rotary indexing table -30~+210 degrees

    ✔ Diamond dresser and stand

    ✔ Grinding wheel puller

    ✔ Standard coolant tank 140L

    ✔ Carbide tip MK4/C14

    ✔ LED work light

    ✔ Operating instructions and parts list

    ✔ Standard oil cooler (cooling fan)

    ✔ Tools and Toolbox

    ✔ Control cabinet with heat exchanger

    ✔ Balancing Mandrel & Stand

    ✔  4 color signal light

    ✔ Operating Instructions

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