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  • Description

    • A heavy cast Meehanite frame, heat treated
    and relaxed, forms the solid foundation for
    the CLG centerless cylindrical grinding machines
    • All guideways are hardened and precision ground,
    to ensure lasting accuracy and
    To ensure wear resistance
    • The grinding and regulating spindles are made of high quality
    SNCM-220 steel made and after deep hardening
    (HRC 62) and the grinding process in particular
    suitable for years of tough everyday production
    • The ball screws are made of SNCM-4 material
    and guarantee with a specially developed
    Spindle nut feed accuracy of
    highest quality
    • Lots of options for your particular application

  • Standard configuration

    ✔  Grinding wheel (balanced and assembled)
    ✔  Regulating wheel (balanced and assembled)
    ✔  Workpiece support with carbide surface for through grinding
    ✔  Workpiece support with carbide surface for plunge-cut grinding
    ✔  Coolant system
    ✔  Diamond dresser
    ✔  Separate hydraulic unit with oil / air cooling
    ✔  Halogen lamp
    ✔  Operating tool
    ✔  operating manual

  • Optional accessories

    ■  CNC or NC control with touch screen display
    ■  Coolant filter system, paper or magnet system
    ■  Ejector for plunge grinding
    ■  Balance stand
    ■  Guide unit for through-rod grinding
    ■  Automatic feeding device
    ■  Grinding wheels, various sizes and grains
    ■  Automatic loading and unloading device

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