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C-Turn 840

C-Turn 840

  • description

    • All castings are made of Meehanite cast iron, these have been treated glowing,
    to remove internal residual stress
    • Bed is built wide, guideways are high-frequency heat treated
    and precision ground to ensure stability even with deep cuts
    to ensure
    • Spindle and gear are made of CR-MO alloy steel, case-hardened and
    precision ground, combined lubrication and oil bath in the headstock
    ensure a long service life
    • The three-point bearing on the spindle with two tapered roller bearings and
    a roller bearing guarantee accuracy and rigidity in various sizes

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ Fagor 8055i / A TC Control with
    graphical conversation interface
    ✔ Electronic handwheels for
    manual operation with
    simple and easy
    DRO mode
    ✔ Constant surfaces
    speed for better
    Surface finishes
    ✔ Graphic display of the
    ✔ Built-in tool library
    for tool management
    ✔ Full range of automatic and
    Profiling Cycles
    ✔ integrated PLC & ISO {G-Code)
    ✔ RS-232 port and
    DNC channels
    ✔ Automatic lubrication system
    ✔ revolving center point MK 6
    ✔ Leveling feet and bolts
    ✔ Electric handwheel (MPG)
    ✔ Automatic
    Speed change
    ✔ Work light

  • Optional accessories

    ■ Fanuc & Siemens CNC
    ■ Manual 3-jaw chuck
    ■ Manual 4-jaw chuck
    ■ Hydraulic 3-jaw
    ■ Manual tool changer
    ■ C-axis (driven
    ■ Bezel, various sizes
    ■ Moving steady rest
    ■ Drill attachment
    ■ Double chuck system
    ■ Hydraulic tailstock
    ■ Chip conveyor
    ■ Air conditioning
    ■ heat exchangers
    ■ Spindle oil cooler

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