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C-Turn 315 • 385 • 420

C-Turn 315 • 385 • 420

  • Description


    KAAST lathes meet the highest quality standards

    It is our goal to offer our customers the best possible lathes. In order to keep this promise, we ourselves have the highest standards and rely on our strict quality control, which is carried out during the entire production process. Each machine undergoes extensive inspections and tests for accuracy, performance and reliability before delivery.

    Features of the V models

    • 3 gears with variable spindle speeds
    • Electronic control for automatic speed regulation
    • The spindle speed is shown in the LED display
    • Stepless speed setting by frequency converter
    • Constant cutting speed through automatic regulation of the speed for different workpiece diameters

    Optional double clamping system

    • The double clamping system is available for spindle bores over 4 ”in diameter
    • An additional clamping device can be mounted on the rear end of the spindle
    • The double clamping system is required to fix long workpieces in two positions. This increases the stability of the workpieces.

    Extra large spindle bores optionally available

    Spindle passage: 155 mm, 230 mm, 255 mm, 305 mm, 355 mm

  • Standard equipment

    ✔ 3-axis position indicator

    ✔ Rapid traverse in the X, Z axes

    ✔ Micrometer stop

    ✔ Coolant device

    ✔ foot brake

    ✔ Splash guard wall (rear)

    ✔ Halogen work light

    ✔ Lining protection

    ✔ Tool holder protective shield

    ✔ Protective cover of the pull spindle

    ✔ Fastening screws and support elements

    ✔ Maintenance tools

    ✔ Operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ⭑ Work spindle with a larger bore

    ⭑ Spindle motor with additional power

    ⭑ 3-jaw chuck (various sizes)

    ⭑ 4-jaw chuck (various sizes)

    ⭑ face plate (various sizes)

    ⭑ steady rest, moving or fixed

    ⭑ Conical ruler for machining conical surfaces

    ⭑ Quick change tool holder

    ⭑ 5-fold revolver stop

    ⭑ Stepless speed control

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