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AXIOM 330 • 430 • 500 • 600 • 700

AXIOM 330 • 430 • 500 • 600 • 700

  • description


    • Generously dimensioned ball screws guarantee long-lasting precision
    • The standard telescopic housing can be moved widely for loading and unloading the machine, so that the most important areas are easily accessible
    • In the machines of the AXIOM series, only components from leading manufacturers were used in order to ensure the highest possible level of machine availability
    • The workpiece weights, which are impressively high for this machine class, can be significantly increased again with the support of the steady rests from the manufacturer SMW-Autoblock
    • Powerful spindle motors with high torque for efficient machining, even with difficult-to-machine materials
    • The machine bed impresses with its extremely high rigidity, due to the strong ribbing
  • Standard equipment

    ✔ FAGOR 8055i CNC control

    ✔ 4-jaw face plate (manual)

    ✔ 4-way tool holder

    ✔ Tailstock with towing device

    ✔ Gearbox (switchable automatically)

    ✔ Automatic central lubrication system

    ✔ High-performance coolant pump

    ✔ Electronic handwheel (2 pieces)

    ✔ Work area halogen lighting

    ✔ 3-color machine status display

    ✔ Spindle sleeve

    ✔ Fixed center point

    ✔ Installation elements

    ✔ Maintenance tools

    ✔ Programming and operating instructions

  • Optional accessories

    ⭑ Spiral chip conveyor (front)

    ⭑ chain chip conveyor (rear)

    ⭑ Chuck and face plates (various sizes)

    ⭑ Spindle oil cooling when using a hydraulic chuck

    ⭑ Spindle mount on the back (left side) of the headstock

    ⭑ Hydraulic tailstock with movable quill

    ⭑ Fixed bezel (various sizes)

    ⭑ Moving bezel (various sizes)

    ⭑ Spindle bores up to max. Ø 410 mm

    ⭑ 4-way hydraulic tool holder

    ⭑ 8-way hydraulic tool changer (Duplomatic)

    ⭑ 12-fold hydraulic tool changer (Duplomatic)

    ⭑ VDI 40/50/60 tool changer with driven tools

    ⭑ Integrated C-axis servo motor with HEIDENHAIN (incremental encoder ERM 280 with a positioning accuracy of 0.03 °)

    ⭑ Rear double chuck clamping system

    ⭑ SIEMENS CNC control

    ⭑ FANUC CNC control

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